From waiting rooms to surgical wards, preserve the health and appearance of patient and administrative spaces with ProTeam vacuums. Our advanced filtration system captures indoor pollutants, helping ​to protect those with respiratory vulnerabilities. 

Strategies for More Effective Cleaning with Better Efficiency

  • Clean Better
  • Clean Faster
  • Reduce Costs

Proof Positive

“ProTeam units remove the particles rather than redistributing them. Mold and bacteria are taken out, which is better for healthcare workers and patients.”

Brian Hainse, President, Heritage Healthcare

Clean Better


ProTeam has a long-term educational partnership with the American Lung Association designed to promote public awareness and education about Indoor Air Quality issues.


​​​​ProTeam vacuums have earned Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) signifying the vacuum systems meet higher standards for carpet cleaning effectiveness and Indoor Air Quality.


Clean Faster

  • ProTeam backpack vacuums clean more than 3 times faster than commercial uprights.
  • Backpack vacuuming is a faster, healthier, and more efficient way to clean. Time savings allow reallocation of work-force to other problem areas.
  • When using the correct tools, ProTeam backpack vacuums clean 52% faster than a dust mop in crowded ​and congested areas.
  • Dust bunnies reappear in 24 hours when a floor has been dust mopped as compared to 72 hours when cleaned with a ProTeam backpack vacuum.
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