After a fire, flood, or catastrophe, ProTeam vacuums and air movers help impose order and return buildings to a safe and comfortable state. Respond with powerful suction, large capacities, and advanced filtration for maximum efficiency when disaster strikes.

Clean Carpet & Hard Surface

Air Stays Cleaner

Four Level Filtration

Low Decibel Level

Proof Positive

“I’ve been in restoration work for 11 years. We used ProTeam backpacks at every company I’ve ever been with. Tools are everything. If you don’t have the right tool, the job isn’t going to get done right. You have to have all the right tools before you start the job.”

Chris Langdon, President of Complete Restoration Services




Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Efficiency

In 5 passes, the ProTeam backpack vacuum is:

  • 43% more efficient than a commercial upright vacuum.
  • 30% more efficient than a canister in removing soil.

Source: Quality Environmental Services & Technologies, 1996; APC Filtration, Inc., 1996; An Evaluation of ProTeam’s QuarterVac and CoachVac in a School Environment, Dr. Eric Brown, Cleaning Research International, UK, 1994​​​​​​​


Prevent Permanent Damage To Flooring

With 3 fan speeds and 3 operating positions, the ProBlitz AirMover dries carpets and subfloors quickly with the ultimate quiet performance.

  • Easy Transport – Optional telescoping handle and wheels (ProBlitz XP only)
  • Flexibility – Three operating positions to direct air where you need it
  • Stackable – Convenient storage
  • Low Amp Draw – Multiple units on a single circuit
  • Quiet – Operate without disruption
  • Reduce Re-soiling – High-speed drying after wet extraction
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