Cici's Pizza

"I look for reliable performance in a vacuum: suck it up, get it clean.  Those are the things that are critical for me.  We like the ProVac It's been very sturdy.  We use it seven days a week for about an hour a day.  It holds up well under heavy use." 

Ray Downey, Owner, Cici's Pizza - Liberty, Missouri

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You've Got Maids

“In my humble opinion, there’s no one even close to ProTeam in backpack vacuums. They are like the Lexus or Mercedes – something that you pay a little more for but works great and never breaks. We still have the vacuums we bought that first year in Orlando. The actual body of the vacuum is indestructible. As long as you don’t get them wet, they keep going and going.” 

Frank Berger, Owner, You've Got Maids - Orlando, Florida

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Wichita Public Schools

The average classroom in the district is about 700 square feet. Their ProTeam backpacks clean each classroom in three to four minutes. With their old uprights, it took twice as long. According to Morfin, the time saved allows the staff to allocate more time to other areas and tasks, improving their overall service. He has also noticed reduced equipment maintenance and repairs from using ProTeam backpacks. 

Danny Mofin, Custodial Supervisor, Wichita Public Schools

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Vanguard Cleaning Systems

“I have used other backpack vacuums, and now they are out in the garage collecting dust. ProTeam makes a superior product. They are heavy duty, dependable, comfortable, and an integral component of green cleaning programs.” 

Lew Godinho, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Central Valley

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Kinsey Hardwood Flooring

“The health level after vacuuming is really impressive,” said Kinsey. “You don’t want to walk into a house where there’s dust everywhere and breath it in. Dust is bad for the homeowners who walk in for a moment, but we do this for a living. We could be surrounded by dust all the time if we didn’t have a ProTeam backpack vacuum.” 

Jesse Kinsey, Owner, Kinsey Hardwood Flooring

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